Thursday, June 9, 2016

Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here

My husband wonders why I blog because I don't do it regulary. Life is crazy with five kids & two I do it when I can and more importantly when I feel inspired to share something worth sharing! I journal regularly in a paper journal, but sometimes God prompts my heart to share something with you (whoever you are!).  And goodness gracious...I want to be obedient!

Then I get right HERE.  God has given me so many thoughts...what exactly should I share?  So, I'm just gonna go with the two things he has given me lately.

Prayer. How is your prayer life?  Do you go through seasons where you are spot on with the Holy Spirit, listening and yearning for more? I sure do! I love when the Holy Spirit is at work and just clear cuts who to pray for and why. And then there at times its much more subtle...both equally important. I was driving up to Champaign the other day to visit precious perfect Owen (my grandson), listening to my favorite worship leaders...Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe & Hillsong (yes all of them, it was an hour drive) and the Spirit just washed over me. Giving me several people to knock on Heavens gates on their behalf. It was so powerful. I couldn't help but be moved to tears that Holy Spirit prompted my heart to pray for these people. There is nothing special about me and my prayer life that he would prompt me more than any other person. Except maybe at that moment I was listening and ready.  I want to encourage you to get to a place where you are still, quiet and ready for the Spirit to approach you. Jesus is always ready, willing and eager to spend time with us. We are the ones much to busy to listen and respond. But wow, what an amazing exchange of holiness when we are connected with the Spirit!

Secondly...God has given me several different verses over the last month with "wall" references. I know how important walls were back in the day.  They provided protection for a city. Without walls a city would not stand a chance against an invasion, they would be conquered, they would be extremely vulnerable. Guards would stand on walls all hours of the day and night, keeping an eye out. Take sometime and search scriptures with "wall" references and dig a little deeper. Are you standing on a wall in this season of your life? Are you protecting yourself from invasion by keeping yourself in fellowship and in the Word? God is always waiting and as a friend reminded me once...He always says...come....come as you are.