Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!

I have managed to post at least once a month for a few consecutive months!  Bravo! (rolls eyes).  Ok on to more important matters.  A few of my friends are really great about setting goals for the new year. Two years ago I started taking it a bit more serious.  I was in the midst of a recovery program for childhood trauma issues and wanted to make some serious permanent changes in my life. Unfortunately 2013 goals were not written down (well, I'm sure they were...but no where to be found now), but I do remember that I finished the intense recovery group that I was in and found some healing from some deep wounds, I also read the Bible from cover to cover and I started making some different choices.  One of those choices was to live life intentionally and live in the today.  Setting goals, no matter how big or small helps me live life intentionally.  It keeps me focused, less "SQUIRREL" moments.  In 2014...
1.  I became more patient...this was on my list and my children claim that I have indeed done so, but honestly I don't think I can agree with them.
2.  I definitely read more.  In 2013 I read one book a month which is huge for me, 2014 was pretty good too.
3. Got a mentor!  God given blessing!
4.  I hoped to get more Eli intiated hugs and kisses and I DID!!!!!

Out with the old and in with the new!!!!

I have used my friend's format that she adopted from Money Savings Mom...

My 12 Goals for 2015


  • Date night at least once a month
  • Encourage & build Brett up more
  • Commit to our devotional every morning together
  • Read more with them
  • Learn to whisper
  • Date more
  • Perhaps plan a wedding
  • Complete a pin (pinterest) one a month...anything recipe, craft etc.
  • Run 5-5Ks (very ambitious)
  • Be encouraging to my friends
  • Reach out and help a family in need
  • Take a class to learn something new (art, dance, etc)
  • Get out of debt, we were completely debt free (minus house) and then we got a new van...grrrr.
  • Live intentionally with the mindset LESS IS MORE, I'm a bargain addict.  No matter how great the bargain, its still $ I'm spending and STUFF I don't need.

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